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Welcome to Odense! Restaurant Oluf Bagers Gård is located in one of the city’s oldest secular buildings. On our menu you will find light meals, great snacks as well as our 9-course social dining experience.

See menus, prices and opening hours below.

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Lunch in the STABLE

In the charmingly rustic STABLE, you can enjoy a nice lunch. We serve light dishes that can be shared around the table. Take a well-deserved break from your shopping, sightseeing, or other activities in the city.

  • Lunch: 12.00-15.00

9-course set menu

Dinner requires a little time. Here, we offer a 9-course social dining experience with a set menu including drinks. The dishes, served in three rounds, are placed on your table for everyone to enjoy.

  • Monday through Thursday: 17.30-22.00
  • Friday and Saturday: 17.30-23.00


9-course set menu in the Dining Room

Served in three rounds

1st serving

  • Charcuterie
  • Red deer – Grapes – Sour cream
  • Lobster bisque – Fennel – Dill

2nd serving

  • Corned duck – Beetroot – Honey
  • Haddock – Cauliflower – Mustard seeds
  • Pork shank – Celeriac – ‘Hay cheese’

3rd serving

  • Époisses – Fig – Brioche
  • ‘Bisquit cake’ – Port – Cherries – Vanilla
  • Passion fruit  – Meringue – Hazelnut



  • Monday to Thursday: DKK 425 incl. 2 glasses of wine
  • Friday and Saturday: DKK 675 incl. beverages ad libitum (until 22.00)

Please note: From 1 January 2022, prices will be adjusted: Monday to Thursday: DKK 500. Friday and Saturday: DKK 750. An aperitif will be included in addition to the wines for the meal.

Forretterne i vores 9-retters menu | Odense
De tre hovedretter i vores 9-retters menu | Odense
Ost og desserter i vores 9-retters menu | Odense

Lunch a la carte in the STABLE

Ideal for stablemates

Deli board with a selection of cold cuts and other delicacies served with tasty accompaniments and home-made bread incl. a glass of the house wine.

  • Small board: DKK 175 per person
  • Large board: DKK 225 per person


A wider choice

Smørrebrød’ – open sandwiches on
rye bread (3 pieces; chef’s choice) / DKK 149

Shrimps on butter-fried rye bread with pickled onions / DKK 149

Creamy lobster bisque with pickled fennel, dill, and sparkling wine / DKK 149

Butter-fried fillet of plaice with hand-peeled shrimps, capers cream, rye bread and herbs / DKK 179

Danish ‘omelette’ with bacon, tomatoes, pickled beetroots, and coarse mustard  / DKK 169 (all you can eat)

Corned breast of duck with honey-glazed beetroots, and duck glace / DKK 225

Époisses (cheese) with baked figs, and brioche / DKK 98

Oluf’s bisquit cake with port-marinated cherries, and vanilla ice cream / DKK 69

Passion fruit fromage with meringue kisses, and roasted hazelnuts / DKK 69

Home-made sweet treats / DKK 25

Oluf Bagers Staldtip: Prøv vores lækre delikatessebræt
Laks og hvide asparges på Restaurant Oluf Bagers Gård i Odense

Information about allergenic ingredients in our dishes can be obtained by asking our staff.